TUF 17 Finale: Miesha Tate vs. Cat Zingano Preview

Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano discuss their pivotal matchup at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale, coaching the next season of TUF, and a future title shot against…

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Fight2LiveIive2fight says:

you? can’t take these female fighters too seriously, too pretty :(

BoxyTheSpaceDog says:

I’ll download? it like the rest of uncontrolled anti-sheeple world!

BoxyTheSpaceDog says:

as? long as any of them can shut your unknowledgeable mouth and they can!

1BalBal1 says:

this shit is whack? as fuck!

SexyHawaiianGuy says:

people talk so much shit how good they are? blah blah blah until they step infront of Ronda. Ronda make all these women look like FRAUD selling tickets and scamming viewers.

SexyHawaiianGuy says:

Miesha? Tate is a fraud

pointless132 says:

i would love to see you fight either of these girls. ?

CrybabyKiller2012 says:

I’ll watch on FX like the rest of the world, thank? you.

CrybabyKiller2012 says:

Not trolling, there’s nothing to build on. You just don’t know a thing about trolling based on that laughable? paragraph.

devid mor says:

watch here free ? >>>> ultimatefighter17live.blogspot­.com/

Adrian D says:

hes probly upset over? the fact that if he said that to them they could whoop his ass lol

VidZ65 says:

Maybe they will? start making out in the middle of the match,,,,

WhitePrideAllNight says:

my videos has the most? views on youtube !!!!

IronMonkeyFL82 says:

Good start now build on it. ?

CrybabyKiller2012 says:

You? don’t know a thing about trolling…

sk ismael says:

No? fighter wrf

ratty2012 says:

Jds is cigano. Good? try though.

djmixaddiction says:

Tate was rocking rousy before she got armbared and that fight made rousy how she is now so I hope tate wins.with all the trash talk from the 1st itll make intresting t.v but? idk if shell get past cat, she didnt look so great in her last fight

TheInvaliid says:

Kat looks like? J-Wow, from Jersey Shore

Cesar Tinoco says:

Haha , you’re a loser. And your? videos suck.

WhitePrideAllNight says:

Cat Zigano is JDS’s wife. Coz JDS is ZIgano too…and she is Cat…that means? she is his pet :(

WhitePrideAllNight says:

Miesha looks so? sweet:))

markokorjairs says:

and? now…KISS!!!

MrEmperor79 says:

I would like? to think I am pretty smart. Thanks for asking.

OringinalGamer21 says:

Forget all this… I wanna see re-match with Tate vs. Coenen. Miesha just barely beat her — Marloes has? an excellent ground game and striking as well. That re-match would be a better fight, then we’ll see about Cat and/or Ronda

Ryan Saunders says:

all these ufc girls would get? the length

douchpooch111 says:

You’re not? very smart, are you?

IronMonkeyFL82 says:

In order to be an effective troll you need to start off a little softer then raise the? bar sprinkling in some stats or facts cant hurt either. Your blowing your wad way to fast thats probably why your so angry at women in the first place. Not to mention if “acting like men” involved fighting in the UFC then statistically speaking your probably not a man anyways. See how i did that each additional line made you wish you could break my fingers a little more than the last. Happy Trolling to you.

MrEmperor79 says:

Somebody give these women pots and pans and cleaning supplies, that’s what they should be doing, not going around acting like men? and fighting.

FightFan180 says:

Rouse was almost finished her last fight. Very? close. She’s overrated with a good ground game and throws.

FuckinFirstRecon says:

Shut the fuck up zingano? and get in there with johnny Hendrix you bitch

xParkway90x says:

Yeah Cat? is really ugly!
Holy shit she’s so HOT— I mean ugly… Yeah, that’s what I meant… ugly…

samjs721 says:

mad bro!?!?!

MrKkcte says:

I? love u Miesha!!!!

IronMonkeyFL82 says:

IM BOYCOTTING ALL PPV EVENTS UNTIL THE UFC GIVES? MATT MITRIONE HIS JOB AND APOLOGY WHOS WITH ME?. As for the televised events? i will steal them online as to not provide ratings. The UFC has lost its mind trying to? stifle the first amendment while advocating the beating of WOMEN by MEN!!!!

wrestleman90 says:

cyborg also used performance enhancing? drugs in order to win that title lol

malicelol says:

“Ive been working really hard? on every position” >.>

nig nug says:

miesha cant fight?

mc silva says:

Cat Zingano gata sexy e forte ela vai ganhar ?

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