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Here it is, the greatest matchup in the history of martial arts! Soundtrack : Crian – Aurora – Phantom Power Music…

White wants Silva vs Jones for UFC’s 20th year

MANILA – UFC President Dana White dreams of staging an Anderson Silva-Jon Jones superfight in time for the promotion’s 20th anniversary.

UFC will be celebrating its 20th year with a grand fight card in November.

White said it would be a blast to have Silva face Jones as the headline.

“Anderson [Silva] and [Jon] Jones, that’s the fight I want to see,” said White in Yahoo! Sports.

If the fight pushes through, Silva and Jones will likely meet at a catch weight.

Silva, hailed as today’s MMA pound-for-pound fighter, is the long-time UFC middleweight champion.

Jones, on the other hand, is currently the promotion’s light heavyweight king.

If the fight gets arranged, White said they plan to stage it at the historic Madison Square Garden in New York.

“We’re feeling pretty good about New York, really good” he said.
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jones didn’t want to fight a sonnen who silva just destroyed at 185, because he didn’t want to risk? losing and have it affect his ‘brand’.

If this fight does take place, it will heavily favor Jones as each day passes.

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