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UFC 160: Velasquez vs Bigfoot 2 Extended Preview

admin on May 8, 2013 · 20 comments

UFC commentators Kenny Florian and Joe Rogan preview the two heavyweight bouts atop the UFC 160 fight card: Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva and Ju…

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20 Responses to “UFC 160: Velasquez vs Bigfoot 2 Extended Preview”

  1. Tony Orrala says:

    If Bigfoot gets lucky one more time.. I swear I quit watching ufc

  2. CHAVO GARCIA says:

    jr is a done deal with hunt

  3. TheTrallica says:

    5:20 – 5:40

    Gave me the chills.

  4. MateTheGreat1 says:

    Cain is going to DOMINATE Silva, again.

  5. darrensam1 says:

    Hairy Rogan 

  6. mex38bullitt says:

    your right, he fucking destroyed him.

  7. mex38bullitt says:


  8. mex38bullitt says:

    ur avi looks like JDS after the Cain beating lol

  9. KEVRO says:

    that was towards beaner jenkins

  10. KEVRO says:

    LOL, yea idiot, dominating a guy for 5 rounds, most of them 10-8, is a lucky win, but one “unlucky” punch on the ear is totally legit.

  11. KEVRO says:

    lol, im damn near where ole jesco was raised, eating those sloppy slimy eggs.

  12. petermd99 says:

    I’m pretty sure that after their second fight when the doctors saw Junior they thought that Sloth from The Goonies had managed to sneak backstage.

  13. Anthony Bennett says:

    Glover KO Te Huna.

  14. Anthony Bennett says:

    I think Junior might beat Hunt but if either those guys land a good shot it is night night for the other.

  15. petermd99 says:

    Try harder next time you try to troll.

  16. Anthony Bennett says:

    No way Bigfoot will dethrone Cain Velasquez he is the new breed in the heavyweight division. Cain just has to watch he does not break his hands on Bigfoots face. Velasquez ground & pound 2nd round.

  17. le2key says:

    Antonio “The Missing Link” Silva – Tommy Toe Hold

  18. Slohrable says:

    I agree with how you feel about the lack of real heavyweights, the gap between the higher ranked and lower ranked heavyweights is so huge. Having said that, I don’t mind fights like this until they do have more real competitors for that title.

  19. Wilson Filho says:

    maybe it’d be a great time to Fedor to step in… (but that is just a dream…)

  20. Adelita Phoenix says:

    The UFC needs more heavyweight fighters instead of recycling the same 5 guys and trying to pull hype from nowhere.

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